Dancing Bear Review

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Dancing Bear Review

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Who would have ever thought a dancing bear would become the target of so many girls? This is because Dancing Bear is a male stripper company and they send male strippers dressed as bears to parties. After that, the bear dances then strips naked in order to unveil his huge penis to the girls present.


Each girls gets to taste his huge cock and she would either do a hand job or a blowjob. The theme is for the girls to be amateur but most of them are actually experts when it comes to letting the male stripper bang them. There are 102 episodes and each one is exclusively seen here. There are a ton of women in each video so you would know that they are in for the long haul.

All the videos on Dancing Bear can be downloaded and streamed and that really depends if you want to watch it right away or later on if you are busy. Some women are actually shy which would be great so it would be nice to finally see them get it on. This is not your normal no touch policy when it comes to strippers as the girls are free to do whatever they want to the stripper including sucking his huge cock and lying down and letting him do his thing.


Half of the videos in this website can be seen in HD which makes it even more exciting. You never know who is having more fun in these videos. It could be the male performer, the amateur chicks who get banged in their tight pussies, the person recording the whole thing or the person who is going to watch it as a member. There is no doubt all of them would turn out to be winners in the end as this porn site offers nothing but non stop fun.

The girls on the Dancing Bear network all look different as some have shaved pussies while some have real large breasts. After watching the videos here, you might have a dream about a dancing bear and you can’t blame if you want yourself in the costume.